Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cell Phone Chargers

chargers for cell phones , This is an article I wrote for Street articles on Cell Phone Chargers and what I think about them, I think I could make art from the wires and cords I have collected from all the cell phones I have bought, what about you?

Cellular phone Battery Chargers

Cell phone chargers are such a waist it seems I could make an art piece with how many I own, I have had over 30 cell phones over the last 20 years and every new phone I have is not comparable with the other one, Nor am I going to go through all those cords at one time to find the right one, I try to keep organized and it's either a computer cord that won't fit or a Battery cell phone charger that will not fit. There are those cheap ass Japanese ones you can get at the truck stop , but I do not know if they will last and to buy one retail is so damn high. So use your better judgement and I will post a few of them  on this sight so you can have a better choice, Have a Good night and more to come.
Christopher Hyer 3.2.2011

Mobile Phone Chargers and outer shell Casings

Mobile Phones In that respect are there are few accessories that you can use but not cause without. Since there is so much to do on these mobiles other than make calls,text, etc... the barrage tends to be given out really debauched. So you need to consume a really corking charger to recharge the electric battery. The chargers nowadays are sleeker and More efficient to match the technology of the mobile. You also get pinch chargers and machine chargers indeed you can top it off at any other time.Ao top that phone off now, don't miss another call.

If you are the kind to be clumsy, then dropping the earphone and leaving it here and there is the sun or water in that respect can hurt the outer shell and make scratches on the covert, and ruin the cell  phone. If it is a touchscreen ear piece then this could equal another difficulty. You can get magic screens or bar out guards that protect the screen. To protect against scratches, dents and chip of the outer body you can get silicone skins that is in case and protect your sound and the shell of your phone. You can even find apprehension defenders that are more hard than the skins to protect it from casual drops. Leather break on cases bottom protect it when it'sulfur inward your purse, cup of tea or aviation pocket from adventitious scratches. The cases are available yet existent stylish.The Battery Chargers themselves very expensive, so take care of what you have been given with the sell.There will be a few of these cases mentioned in adds and also the battery chargers themselves. Have a great day
Christopher Hyer 3.2.2011