Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cellular phone Battery Chargers

Cell phone chargers are such a waist it seems I could make an art piece with how many I own, I have had over 30 cell phones over the last 20 years and every new phone I have is not comparable with the other one, Nor am I going to go through all those cords at one time to find the right one, I try to keep organized and it's either a computer cord that won't fit or a Battery cell phone charger that will not fit. There are those cheap ass Japanese ones you can get at the truck stop , but I do not know if they will last and to buy one retail is so damn high. So use your better judgement and I will post a few of them  on this sight so you can have a better choice, Have a Good night and more to come.
Christopher Hyer 3.2.2011

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